Canoeing & Conservation Links

The OWWC Groups IO website is maintained for dues paying members by the OWWC webmaster.

MDC - the Missouri Department of Conservation maintains many stream accesses on Ozark and northern Missouri streams.

Check out their MDC Places to Go section. The Conservation Atlas has county maps and facilities information for each site.

Although no longer in print MDC used to publish Paddler's Guide to Missouri, our favorite river book, based on Missouri Ozark Waterways by the late Dr. Oz Hawksley, an OWWC charter member!
The Missouri Canoe & Floaters Association members rent canoes and display some of his maps on their website

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources - DNR - operates the state park system with trail, camping, and river opportunities. The DNR is also responsible for water quality.

More Canoeing & Conservation Links

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